About us

We are the present-day "stevedores,dockers,longshoremen".

At earlier centuries and not too far away to previous decades the stevedores were the waterfront manual laborers to have been involved in loading and unloading ships, trucks, trains and aircrafts.

After the shipping container ie seagoing container revolution in 1960s, things changed like day and night. We had to follow this industrial renovation in idea and action. Sea-going containers, the containerization started a brand-new era that drastically induced the decline of the stevedorages in sea ports kind of shrinking it to your doorsteps. Folks like us stevedores, porters, dockers ebbed to handle almost the same stint of loading and unloading these sea-going containers right in front of your houses,storages and commercial premises.

Our Job involves manual labor like lifting,pushing and loading and/or unloading of the goods (household goods or otherwise) in these containers.And if our clients need we could pack and unpack the household goods and personal effects.
We do this job with success in every point in The States and Canada.